David McAdams' Poetry Page

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Bikers Against Child AbuseThis poem was inspired by members of the Provo, Utah chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA).
ChangeeSome thoughts about the nature of change.
Chill OutI was really stressing and wrote this about my efforts to 'chill out'.
ClotheslineThis is a response to the Clothesline Project at UVSC.
DanielleDanielle is one of my daughters.
Dreams of Darra
HopeThis was inspired by the Clothesline Project at UVSC.
Metaphor of Life
Naked Minds
The Perfect Kiss
PorcupineThis poem is about a toxic person in my life.
Sands of SummerI wrote this after Porcupine and Warrior. I felt a need to renew my dreams. This is an expression of that renewal.
Shoes, Sam, and Money
TeachThis poem contains some thoughts on teaching as a profession.
Valentines 2005
WarriorThis poem expresses the deep disappointment over a failed relationship.
Innocence Within