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Natasha McAdams' Home Page

Hi. I'm Natasha McAdams. I live with my brother and three sisters in Orem, Utah. I go to third grade in Suncrest Elementary School in the Alpine School District.
Hi Click on the 'Hi' to hear Natasha say 'Hi' (WAV file, 78kb).
Natasha McAdams Letter To Class Thumb While we were in England (1998), Natasha sent a letter to her class in Utah. This is a copy of the letter.
Natasha McAdams Art Thumb This is some artwork Natasha created using MS Paint.
Jesus head Click on the picture to hear Natasha sing 'Heavenly Father'. (WAV file, 277k)
Heavenly Father, I remember now,
Something that Jesus told disciples long ago
Suffer the children to come to me.
Father in prayer I'm coming now to thee.
Pray, he is there.
Speak, he is listening.
You are his child.
His love now surround you.
He hears your prayers.
He loves the children.
Of such is the Kingdom, the Kingdom of Heaven.
Natasha's Water Color Click on the picture to see a large version of Natasha's first painting using professional water colors and paper.
Natasha's Race Card Natasha had her first timed timed race 18 Sep. 1999 at BYU. She came in second out of about 25 fourth grade girls.
Natasha's Race Number Here is the number she wore in the race.
Natasha's Second Place Ribbon Here is the ribbon she was awarded.