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The McAdams Family In England

May 1998 through September 1998

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Here is Natasha in the back yard. The swing broke while Jessica was on it, and she bruised her tail bone. This picture was taken before the trees got their leaves. It is even more green during the summer.

Brittany learned to walk shortly after we arrived. She had been trying since she was a little baby. When she started succeeding regularly, she was very excited.

Here is a picture of Jessica and Katie giving Brittany a practice session.

These two pictures are from Easter. Brittany thought eggs were pretty cool. The second picture is some of the other kids (Jason, Natasha, and Katherine left to right) looking for eggs in the conservatory.

Royal Tunbridge Wells was one of our favorite places. This picture is from a walk-through exhibit A Day At Tunbridge Wells. It was very well done. (Left to right: Jessica, Brittany, Dave, Katherine, Natasha, Jason)

Jessica with one of the manikins at Tunbridge Wells.

Natasha 'helping' get some tea at Tunbridge Wells.

Konnie particularly liked this 'Gentleman' at Tunbridge Wells.

In spite of the fact that it hadn't been well maintained, we enjoyed the house Dave's employer rented for us. We had an occasional visitor of the furry kind.

Above Brittany's head you can see a bit of the stained glass windows that give the house much of its character.

Jessica and Katherine quickly decorated their room. It looked very nice. In this picture, Jessica is playing the keyboard. She really wanted us to rent a piano while we were there, but it was just too much money.

Imagine a pretty English cottage, and you will probably get pretty close to our house. This picture was taken just as the Daffodils started to bloom. Brittany was very impressed.

You can see some of the stained glass in this picture. Unfortunately, the colors didn't come through very clear.

This is the front of the house. It is a large middle-class home.

We visited many well known historic places. This is Tonbridge Castle which, in the centuries following William the Conqueror's victory, controlled the bridge which gave access to the ports on the English Channel.

Here is a picture of 'King Arthur's Round Table'. It was found many years ago with the name carved on the underside. Carbon dating, however, shows it isn't old enough to be the actual round table. While we were in England, an archelogist discovered what might be a link to the king behind the Arthur legend in a castle in Wales.

The Tower of London was interesting, particularly the names beautifully carved in the stone walls by famous prisoners.

We've also been to a couple of fairs and reenactments. The picture on the left is of Natasha making a wooden whistle at a medieval fair. The girl on the right with the bandana over her hair was helping her father.