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155 North 970 West
Orem, Utah 84057
801 965-5487 (days)
801 426-9168 (evenings)


Software Development Leader: I am seeking a challenging position where I can apply my technology skills to assure the success of systems development projects.



American Express Co., Salt Lake City, Utah 1994-present

Led International Development Effort - Lead Engineer

  • Coordinated development of business critical software package on two continents.
  • Aligned diverse development teams by overcoming cultural issues.
  • Kept project on time and on budget.

Launched New Business - Systems Development Manager

  • Planned and implemented in two months systems which supported launch of prepaid phone card business, including customer service, order processing, order fulfillment, inventory control, security, phone card creation, and integration of business systems with phone card platform.
  • Developed and obtained approval for long term technical strategy in four months, long term systems architecture in six months.
  • Lead development and integration of real time transaction processing systems and business system to support projected sales of $100MM by second year of operation.
  • Established strategic infrastructure to support frequently changing business and marketing plans.
  • Achieved results through influence management.

Established Best Development Practices - Senior Engineer

  • Taught and established best practices in client/server software development.
  • Provided leadership in implementing client/server development methodologies.
  • Anticipated business needs, controlled systems cost, prioritized projects by business need, served as a central point of reference on architecture and design issues.
  • Reduced systems implementation costs by adapting existing systems, controlling requirement definitions, and assuring efficient utilization of resources.
  • Improved client/server development process, decreasing time to market.

Century Software, Salt Lake City, Utah 1993-1994

Senior Engineer

  • Led improvements in software development practices.
  • Improved usability of product and reusability of code through custom controls.
  • Consulted on testing methodology.

Novell, Inc., Provo, Utah 1988-1993

Senior Engineer

  • Assigned projects when critical completion time, quality and usability were issues.
  • Created a GUI based, map driven network management tool, (NWADMIN) which improved the usability of, and access to, NetWare 4.0 features, which also received national exposure in PC Week. This product included "snap-in" technology, allowing third party enhancement.
  • Implemented backup project when the project fell behind schedule. Shortened time to complete project by two months. Excelled in code reviews, finding more bugs than any other reviewer.
  • Improved user acceptance by creating and updating utilities for NetWare 3.0.
  • Collected and streamlined scattered Application Program Interface (API) libraries for publication, establishing API standards and naming conventions.

Applied Educational Research, Orem, Utah 1985-1988

Software Development Manager

  • Consulted with customer on usability, style, requirements, delivery, and implementation of educational software.
  • Took over and savaged development of a $10MM educational product.
  • Completed two critical projects on time and 20% under budget.

Joe's Tire Mart, Rochester, New York Consultant 1984-1985

GRW Systems, Sunnyvale, California Lead Engineer 1978-1980, 1982-1984

BTI Computer Systems, Sunnyvale, California Software Engineer 1981-1982

Call A Computer, Mountain View, California Software Engineer, Systems Manager 1977-1978

MJK Associates, Mountain View, California Software Engineer, Systems Manager 1974-1975

Call A Computer, Mountain View, California Contract Programmer 1971-1974

Archbishop Mitty High School, San Jose, California Computer Lab Manager 1971-1973